Stitchbond fabric for furniture: the advantages of non-slip non-wovens

Among the many uses that non-woven fabric boasts there is also and especially the use of Stitchbond Non Woven for furniture. In fact, not only the attention to the general aesthetic but also the practicality of the materials used are essential in the construction of living space. For this reason, non-woven fabric is the best solution. Among the processes is the finishing through which Pratrivero Group obtains a very functional non-slip non woven surface. Thanks to its customization, the non-woven becomes an excellent example of aesthetics combined with the practicality of use.

tessuto non tessuto antiscivolo per arredamento

Non-slip non-woven fabric: why is it crucial?

Stitchbond Non Wovens with non-slip finishes is a product whose functionality allows to combine simultaneously the search for practicality and visual satisfaction.

There are several possible applications, from the realization of a kitchen mat to a pet bed, from the sofa with a removable cover and its various components to bed warmers and mattresses.

Non-slip Non Woven for carpets

Anyone who has children or elderly people at home will have found themselves repeatedly fearing that they will inevitably – walking or moving around the house – stumble or, worse, slip on carpets. For this reason, nonwovens with non-slip properties for carpets are one of the best solutions to avoid these dangerous accidents. A conscious, practical and beautiful choice.

Non-slip nonwoven fabrics for pillows

The choice of non-slip nonwoven fabrics for pillows and cushions may seem superfluous but instead comes in handy in giving good stability and satisfying both aesthetic expectations and the functionality these elements require.

The perfect non-slip Stitchbond Non Woven for furniture and sofas

The fundamental aspects to keep in mind when building functional furniture that meets the aesthetic criteria concern both the materials used and the versatility they promise. For this reason, non-slip non-woven fabrics for sofas are one of the best possibilities to combine these needs. Stitchbond is a solution that combines practicality with customization, giving a whole series of characteristics related to environmental protection and choices that a conscious company like Pratrivero Group makes in every step of the production process.

Pet-friendly fabrics: Non-Woven anti-slip kennels

It is known that our puppies and pets are unstoppable. For this reason, they need a place to rest and play. Anti-slip nonwoven fabrics are useful both for the resistance of the product and for its reliability, in fact, they will also work as a barrier to prevent your pet friend to carry around its bed. 

These are just a few of the uses through which anti-slip Non-Woven demonstrates its versatility. Contact us to find out more!