Durable nonwovens: the latest product innovations.

“Non-woven fabric”, also known as nonwoven, is a type of material that shares some similarities with traditional textiles but is produced in a completely different manner. These are innovative fabrics that, in recent years, have been experimented with not only for sustainability but also for their strength properties, making them suitable for a wide range of market sectors.

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Distinctive Characteristics of Non-woven fabric

The distinctive characteristics of this innovative fabric are what make it so unique and versatile. In particular, non-woven fabric stands out for:

  • Versatility: It is incredibly versatile and can be designed to meet a wide range of needs and applications. Its unique adaptability makes it suitable for multiple industrial sectors, from healthcare to construction, from automotive to clothing.
  • Softness: Non-woven fabric is famously lightweight, making it comfortable to use in various contexts. This lightness is particularly appreciated in situations where weight is a critical factor, such as in sportswear or facial masks.
  • Breathability: This type of fabric is highly breathable, allowing the passage of air and moisture, a feature that makes it ideal for wearable products where ventilation is essential.
  • Durability: Given the non-woven fabric’s resilience, this essential feature makes it suitable for applications that require robustness, such as automotive upholstery or construction materials. It is also ideal for digital printing, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!
  • ​​Eco-friendliness: The production of these innovative and eco-friendly fabrics requires fewer water and energy resources compared to traditional ones, and the use of recycled fibers contributes to an overall reduction in environmental impact.

Product Innovation: Non-woven fabric with exceptional sealing properties

Pratrivero’s non-woven fabric stands out for its incredible strength, capable of bearing high loads with a maximum tensile strength exceeding 950 Newtons. This level of strength is crucial in many applications where durability and the ability to withstand significant mechanical stress are required. The tear resistance, which reaches 203 Newtons, is another indicator of the material’s robustness.

However, Pratrivero’s non-woven fabric is not just about strength: it also offers a remarkable textile feel and softness. The term ‘textile feel’ refers to the tactile sensation of softness, smoothness, and volume, which, combined with its softness, ensures a high comfort threshold. This is essential, for instance, in the medical, clothing, and personal care sectors.

Applications of Non-woven Fabric: A World of Opportunities

This ultra-durable fabric is one of those materials that, thanks to its versatility and exceptional performance, finds applications in numerous industrial sectors, from medical and clothing to packaging, agriculture, construction, and much more.


  • Medical Sector: Non-woven fabric is an essential innovative technical material for the production of certain medical devices. Its strength, combined with a high sterilization capability, contributes to the safety of patients and medical personnel.
  • Apparel Industry: Non-woven fabric is used in the production of durable and lightweight garments, such as workwear, protective gowns, and sportswear.
  • Packaging: This durable fabric is used for the production of reusable bags, shopping bags, and food and industrial packaging.
  • Automotive Sector: Non-woven fabric is used as a material for sound insulation, floor mats, and door panels. It enhances the comfort and durability of vehicle interiors.
  • Agricultural Sector: In agriculture, these innovative eco-friendly fabrics are used for crop protection from insects and weather, as well as for moisture retention in the soil.
  • Construction Industry: Due to its durability, non-woven fabric is used for insulation materials, erosion control barriers, and as a roofing membrane.
  • Electronic Sector: In the electronics industry, it is used to package electronic components, ensuring protection against dust and scratches.

In conclusion, non-woven fabric has revolutionized and continues to revolutionize a wide range of professional sectors, providing a wide spectrum of applications and distinctive advantages.

If you are interested in learning more about its potential, please contact us to discover how non-woven fabric can enhance your business through its numerous uses!