Our new multifunctional rooms

Pratrivero Spa is careful to people and the environment that surrounds them and demonstrates this by providing them with functional and safe spaces in which to work.

To ensure the well-being and health of its employees, the company has recently inaugurated two multimedia meeting rooms equipped to allow work in an effective and protected way.

The activation of these rooms is part of a broader investment to upgrade our factories and our production capacities.

To mark this somewhat historic milestone, we named them, taking a cue from two critical moments in the history of Pratrivero Spa.

The 1663 room, whose name comes from the date the company was founded, houses a reproduction of “The Lacemaker” by Vermeer, a painting that Pratrivero spa is particularly fond of.

This work of art, which shares the year of its birth with our company, is reproduced on the facade of our factory, on the walls of the rooms and, recently, also on a limited series of puzzles that we have given to our partners.

Room 1663 also displays a yarn swift from over two centuries ago, found in the oldest part of the building, a symbol of the indissoluble bond with the textile tradition to which our company belongs.

The second room, called 2020, is instead entitled to the crucial year that put us to the test and from which we came out renewed.

Both rooms are characterized by:

– The multimedia set up, suitable for online meetings, to keep our company divisions coordinated.

– The modular space, which allows opening the rooms according to one’s needs, to comfortably accommodate up to 24 people.

– The air exchange system, implemented even before the pandemic and which helps to ensure the safety of employees.

– The sound-absorbing walls, perfect for protecting privacy during meetings.

– The energy efficiency of the building, with A-rated building energy.

– Respect for the surrounding environment, which hosts the company in the area that has welcomed it from the very beginning.