Non-woven: Stitchbond category

A non-woven can be of stitch bond technology: a mechanical bonding of layers of fibers with continuous filaments. Let’s discover it together.

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Pratrivero is specialized in this kind of non-woven production, and is now global leader in the sector with 40 years of experience.

The manufacturing process creates a material that finds applications in different uses, thanks to its versatility and its characteristics that are able to meet the different market demand, especially in the furniture and mattresses category.

What is the use of non-woven?

Non-woven has different applications, as previously mentioned, due to its specific characteristics. Besides the role in furniture and mattress, where it is used mainly as interliner and fire barrier, several are the fields in which the non-woven is applied.

Starting from digital printing, stitchbond is perfect because of the multiple finishing possibilities. Moreover, it reveals to be ideal also in medical applications, for the realization of gowns and as patient – handling devices such as beds and stretchers.

A wide range of colours makes the non-woven great for packaging and footwear, both for the material quality and for the aesthetic versatility.  The same wide choice is available for the realization of beach umbrellas in polyester or viscose, perfect for resorts, hotels and swimming pools.

Besides that, Pratrivero’s stitch-bond can be slip resistant. This last type, that gets the name of “anti-slip”, can be produced with a specific finishing of anti-skid dots in different colours.

A separate mention for the section “Filler & Border”, that is the kind of non-woven intended for the mattresses industry. The uses of these products can involve the external part, precisely “Cover and Border”, or they can involve the internal part of the products designed for sleeping, the “Filler”.

Therefore, non-woven, with its wide range of application, is confirmed to be a versatile and multifunctional product, as in every sector it is used it confirms to be ideal thanks to the characteristics that make it stand out.

Who produces non-woven in Italy?

Pratrivero, textile company founded in 1663, became global leader in the production of non-woven with forty years of experience: in the 1982, thanks to an intuition of Carlo Barberis Canonico, the company turned the production to this innovative material with multiple characteristics and applications.

With many plants, in Italy and abroad, Pratrivero manufactures non-woven for every use mentioned above and many others, with a process, divided in all required steps, detailed and most of all sustainable.

Besides, the products of the Italian company are certified and compliant to the quality international standards. Some of the certifications that Pratrivero has obtained are the OEKO-TEX, that confirms the absence of contamination with toxic substances, its evolution OEKO-TEX RPET, that guarantees the quality of the recycled raw materials, ISO 28000 that identify the requirements needed for the implementation of the security system in all the supply chain, ISO 9001 and it is Certified for the Iway Standard.

Where to buy non-woven online?

With a varied and assorted catalogue of non-wovens, easily available for consultation on the website, Pratrivero provides an online form to request all the desired information about one or more non-woven products, which can, also be bought through the online contact (or calling +39 0157388880 int.1).

An expert advisor will follow the requests and will guide in purchasing the certified items of Pratrivero. All the quality and the potentials of our products will be reachable with a click.