Flame retardant barrier made by non-woven: technical support for your furnishings and not only

Non-woven is an industrial product similar to the woven, but made whit different processes than knitting or weaving. This material can also find application as flame retardant barrier like, for example, filler and flame retardant interliner.

barriera ignifuga

Pratrivero, company leader in the market of non-woven, stitch bond technology, Maliwatt is specialized on the creation of flame retardant articles, produced in accordance with specific procedures and certifications.

All the uses of non-woven as flame retardant

Non-woven can be used as flame retardant barrier in many different applications. In the mattresses composition, for instance, it assumes the role of external cover and/or internal support. It is largely used also in the furnishing, especially in the sofa with removable covers, accessories and dividing panels. Moreover, the non-woven finds applications as an interliner, in the advertising market, in the set-up of exhibitions, events, stands and in the creation of curtains. Generally speaking, this industrial product allows multiple uses, even thanks to the characteristics that make it one of most performing materials in the flame retardant category.

Pratrivero’s non-woven: a certified fire barrier

Pratrivero’s non-wovens are compliant to the international quality standards.

Between the many certifications that these materials help to pass, there are the ones related to the flame retardant products.

The Soster® family, with registered trademark, contains for sure a large variety of flame retardant products. Born for the American market, this line of products created by Pratrivero helps also to pass the mostly requested standard of the US market: the CFR 1633. The products realized with the Soster® article are largely used in the mattresses and furniture sector, even as border.

The company Pratrivero Spa, besides, includes in his range of proposals, different articles thought to satisfy the needs in the flame retardant market. Proposals that help to pass other standards as:

  • Italian Class 1 (Certificate)
  • Ministerial approval (Certificate)
  • NFP92-512 Class M1 (Certificate)
  • DIN 4102 PART 1 Class B1 (Certificate)
  • MVSS302
  • TB117 PARTS 1 & 2
  • CFR 1633
  • BS 5852:Part2 : 1982 Ignition Source 5 (crib 5) (Certificate)
  • BSEN 597-1 & 2/ BS EN 1021 1 & 2

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