Our nonwoven products

Printed, digital, fireproof and antiskid nonwovens: this and much more among the endless applications of Pratrivero’s stitch bond products.

Our stitch-bond products

Stitchbond is a non-woven fabric produced
through the mechanical binding of layers of fibres with continuous filaments.


Designs and colours reproduced perfectly using the rotary printing technique.


Multiple finishes rendering the stitchbond suitable for any type of digital printing.


Certified stitch bond materials used for the production of medical gowns and reinforced materials for patient handling.


Customers can completely customise this family of non-woven products with their chosen colours and style: shoes, glasses and bags are just some examples of potential applications.

Flame Retardant

Pratrivero successfully applies various technologies that renders stitchbond FR or fireproof, compliant with the most restrictive international legislations.


Products characterised by great friction coefficient results.

USA Filler & Border

Filler & Borders are stitch-bond products used for the interior or covering of mattresses.


Our nonwoven can also be used for the production of umbrellas that adapt to specific style needs.