Pratrivero: innovation, sustainability, and recycled materials at the forefront of international fairs

International trade fairs are of great importance for companies in the textile field, especially in the non-woven sector. These events offer opportunities to present products, establish business connections, and observe the latest trends. Recently, Pratrivero participated in two important international fairs for our sector: Index in Geneva and Interzum in Cologne. We had excellent experiences on both occasions, discovering new trends with a growing focus on sustainability and the use of recycled materials.

pratrivero a Index 2023

Pratrivero at Index 2023, the World’s most important nonwovens fair

Pratrivero’s participation in the Index fair in Geneva, held from April 18th to 21st, was a significant experience. We had the pleasure of presenting our collection of non-woven fabrics, emphasizing innovative sustainable solutions and the use of recycled materials. We demonstrated how it’s possible to achieve high-quality products without compromising the environment, supporting the philosophy of circular economy.

Interzum 2023 and the Dialogue between Nonwoven, Furniture, and More

Our following participation in the Interzum fair in Cologne further solidified the importance of nonwovens in the furniture sector. During this fair, held from May 9th to 12th, 2023, we presented our non-woven fabric processes dedicated to the furniture sector and showcased new concept solutions to an international audience. Visitors were particularly interested in our innovations, such as flame retardant and anti-slip features. They also appreciated our ecological approach, which has gained significant importance in our production process in recent years. We are currently working on natural dyes to fulfill the latest demands.

We also received technical and specific requests related to sound-absorbing non-woven fabrics for the construction industry, upholstery, wallpaper, and flooring. We had many enjoyable moments and enlightening discussions, which we chose to complement with a delicious meal prepared by our chef at the stand. Visitors who joined us for lunch not only experienced our products but also savored typical dishes from the Italian “Biellese region”, where our company was born before entering the international market.

il pranzo di pratrivero a interzum 2023
Interzum 2023

The Importance of Sustainability and Recycled Materials in the Nonwovens Sector

During both fairs, the growing focus on sustainability and the use of recycled materials among textile manufacturers was evident. Visitors’ choices and requests reflected this awareness, showing a growing interest in eco-friendly products and processes.

Our company has long been committed to the environment, investing in research and development of new technologies and sustainable production processes. These include photovoltaics and the installation of a fume suppressor, along with various methods and certifications obtained to reduce the environmental impact of stitchbond production.

The attention to sustainability and recycled materials emerged as one of the most significant trends during both fairs, positioning our Italian company alongside international counterparts in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for environmentally conscious consumers. However, this experience has also motivated us to invest in research and development of new sustainable products, driving the nonwovens sector towards a greener future.

We will continue working towards a greener future, maintaining the quality and functionality of our non-woven fabrics while prioritizing sustainable processes. We look forward to seeing you at the next fair!