Processing nonwoven fabrics

The processing of nonwovens give these materials various qualities.
Pratrivero adapts raw nonwovens to any need to produce high quality Maliwatts.

Processing nonwovens

Pratrivero carries out its nonwoven processings and treatments internally: it does not perform services for third parties.

Coating of non wovens

Nonwoven coating is an industrial process that includes applying to our fabric a product that helps give new properties, such as fire-resistance, to the material.

Nonwoven fabric printing

Via rotary press, with a vast range of designs and the possibility
of reproducing new ones, without limitations, this is how nonwoven fabric printing is realized.

gandino nonwoven finishings


Foulard & torpedo are the machines used for nonwoven coloration, depending on which shade the customer has required.

Natural Dyes

The materials are colored with natural dyes, using sources such as red beetroot, blue gardenia, safflower thistle, chlorophyll and coffee to directly reproduce color.

Coating Pratrivero

Textile finishing

There are many processings to satisfy our clients’ needs, among which: anti-pilling, antistatic, primers, anti-mold and fire-resistance treatments for our nonwovens and our functional Maliwatts.

A tour of our nonwoven production departments