Sustainable Nonwovens

The quality of our nonwovens comes from sustainable and certified business processes for the realization of products which respect people and the environment.

Pratrivero's mission

Our mission is to maintain the Pratrivero brand, representing the excellence of our nonwoven production by interpreting the style, individuality and core-values of our roots in the Italian textile tradition.

Our company policy expresses the fundamental principles that inspire the strategies and objectives of our company.

People are the only true and central element of the development process, and people are always the determiner of qualitative product evolution and of society.

For this reason, the training process plays a decisive role in the overall development and quality of life within all areas of the company’s operation.

The sustainability of our nonwoven is certified.


In Pratrivero, people are placed where they can fully express their potential, and grow along with the company. A company welfare system has been established, through which employees benefit from company profits and are continuously motivated to improve the business.

A specific company training plan has been put in place, to deal with important matters such as occupational safety management.

Our company is actively involved in promoting initiatives aimed at improving the health of its employees, and all employees are provided with private and non-cancellable health insurance.

The bond with the territory is very strong, in fact Pratrivero proudly supports activities and projects related to the community in which it operates: management of the kindergarten, donations and support to sports activities such as the youth volleyball team, and to schools and cultural activities like the local choir.

A sustainable textile production

Pratrivero’s headquarters and branches are located in areas that are still very green and with very little pollution; the company is therefore careful to preserve the environment in which it operates, and to pursue a process of sustainable development of its nonwoven production.

Pratrivero’s environmental policies which are considered strategic for a sustainable production development are:

The action for a sustainable textile production

The fibres for the recycling process are classified by quality and nature, then sold to qualified operators who regenerate and re-introduce them into the textile supply chain.

This optimal cycle reduces both the cost of raw materials and the environmental impact resulting from the disposal of excess processing material. In addition to fibre recycling, the materials deriving from plastic packaging are also reused.

These are sold to companies that transform it into granules ready to be employed in the production of products in recycled plastic material. In all cases, it is part of our company policy to reduce the consistency of processing residues to a minimum close to zero and to promote, when possible, the separate collection of materials for recycling or disposal.

Finally, the scraps in the form of finished or semi-finished fabrics are placed in their entirety on secondary markets as factory seconds, or destined for the regeneration of textile fibres.

The high cost of energy in Italy is of particular imporatnce in determining the correct competitive positioning of our stitchbonds with respect to potential international competition. To this end, constant product engineering work is carried out and aimed at the needs of the individual customer and, more generally, of the market in terms of performance in accordance with a study of practices with a lower energy impact. In planning capital investments to replace, expand or modify production facilities, the efficiency of the technology under consideration is a fundamental aspect.

The correct use of water resources, combined with the constant search for solutions that allow the reduction of water requirements in the textile field, are part and parcel of Pratrivero's industrial plan.

In fact, saving this precious resource has a direct impact on industrial costs, in particular on the energy balance of the textile finishing process.

Pratrivero applies the modern technologies available to minimise environmental pollution of its production sites, both as regards the atmospheric emissions than the discharge of water.

In Pratrivero the air extracted from the textile finishing processes is filtered before being released back into the atmosphere, in the same way the water is purified before being released back into the environment.

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