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Learn more about our company and the opportunities for professional growth it offers to its employees. If you wish to work in the textile industry in a sustainable company, Pratrivero Ltd is the right place for you. Working in the production of non-woven fabric means approaching the world of textiles with a look to the future, to learn new processes made of innovation and sustainability.

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Transparency, Honesty, Fairness, Respect and Trust. These are the values that define and guide the activity and the path of our company: transparent and verifiable processes, honest and correct collaboration relationships with our customers and our employees, respect for skills and experience and trust in the commitment and professionalism of the people who have allowed Pratrivero Ltd to aim at ambitious goals and to achieve them successfully. The most profitable investment, which we renew every day, is on the well-being and responsibility of people, which is why our corporate welfare policies are among the fundamental pillars on which the company is based.

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Professional roles

In Pratrivero Group, numerous professionals contribute to the growth of the company and the development of our activities: administration, sales, ICT, management, production, shipping, warehouse, quality control, and laboratory. Working at Pratrivero Ltd means testing yourself to learn new methodologies and processes. The processing of the non-woven fabric differs from that of the traditional textile industry. For this reason, we are always looking for personnel who wants to learn the new processes of nonwoven, regardless of the level of previous experience and skills they have acquired. Our employees work every day with state-of-the-art machinery to perfect all production processes. Pratrivero Ltd. offers a new, exciting beginning made of sustainability, training and innovation.

The environment

Pratrivero’s plants and offices are located in territories still immersed in nature and far from polluted areas. The company is careful to preserve the environment in which it operates and to pursue a sustainable development. Given the company’s production structure, the strategic environmental issues for sustainable development are:

  • the recycling of resources;
  • energy efficiency;
  • optimisation of water resources;
  • reduction of emissions.

Find out more by visiting the page dedicated to sustainability. If you are interested in working in a sustainable company, Pratrivero Ltd is the right place for you. Submit your resume now for an unsolicited application.

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